Got errands? We’ve got you covered! Grocery Shopping On Demand owns a sister-company, Concinnity Concierge, that can get that “to-do” list done!  Plus, with your choice of one of our three free errands you can choose from to be included with your grocery shopping order, you really can’t go wrong!



Info and Pricing


Errand Pricing

Errand Info
  • A One hour minimum applies.
  • Fees are $25/hour for the first hour and $12/hour for each hour following.
  • Includes up to 15 miles of driving (50 cents per mile fee after 15 miles).
  • You must pre-pay for the items you request that we purchase.

Types Of Errands

(Partial List)
Errands We Run
  • Bank deposits
  • Bill payments
  • Car services (wash/detail, oil change, or repair)
  • Gift pickup/delivery
  • Meal pickup/delivery
  • Pet supplies
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