Our pricing is straightforward and transparent with no hidden mark-ups. Grocery Shopping On Demand delivers the best service for the lowest price possible.


  • Please select the fee price (ex: if we are delivering to a Senior and you are a friend or loved one, you should pick the $25) and pre-pay, below. The PayPal gateway will allow you to input the total of the fee plus the amount you want us to spend on groceries (if you have an idea of the cost of the groceries or a set amount you wish to spend) in the box titled “item price” when you click the button. Then you simply click “update” when you are in the PayPal gateway and then choose your payment method, either by using your PayPal account or select the link that allows you to pay with the credit/debit card of your choice.  Once you pay, send us your list via email and your delivery address.
  • Or, if you prefer that we price out your list and send you an estimated price breakdown of the groceries plus the fee, please email us your grocery list and we will follow up with an estimate price for the groceries and once you approve, a hotlink for your grocery order amount from PayPal will follow. Simply click on the link to pay, using your PayPal account or with any credit/debit card you wish.

Basic Fee

  • Click “Buy Now” above to pay $30 Basic Fee plus grocery amount you wish to purchase.
  • Send your list and delivery address via email.
  • REFER A FRIEND who uses the service and get half off your next grocery fee! Get one free errand with grocery order! See rules & restrictions on our “Errands” page. We provide either the original or a picture of the original receipt and if we don’t spend all of the grocery money or we have money left over, we refund your card the same day.

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